Capturing the Moment…

Isn’t this what photography is all about?  Photography allows you to capture a moment in time and preserve what the scene provides. The challenge is to position yourself at the right angle and use the light to compose a photograph that stirs an emotion.  Every day brings a unique view of the same scene allowing for an infinite number of possibilities.

I’ve enjoyed taking pictures for years.  My first love is taking pictures of what nature has to offer.  It took me a while to convert to digital photography because I enjoyed the reward of opening the packet of developed pictures.  It was similar to the  anticipation I felt as  a child waiting to open the presents on Christmas day.  Now digital has allowed me the freedom to explore a variety of angles and exposures to get ‘the’ shot!  Now I feel like I’ve hit a home run when I’ve captured something special.

With the encouragement of my friends and family, I’ve taken the next step into the professional world of photography.  My products include notecards, enlargements and prints on aluminum.   If you have something specific in mind, I’m happy to work with you to take photographs of a specific subject.

~ Pam Caudill